The TEMAC AUTOMOTIVE company is a supplier of the original parts for the final production of  flat gaskets for the  Škoda engines. The gaskets for Škoda cars have been delivered by TEMAC AUTOMOTIVE (originally ASBESTOS) since 1960.

TEMAC AUTOMOTIVE operates in the qulity system ISO TS 16949  and is listed as a number one supplier for Škoda Automobiles.

Since 1993 there has not been any complaints about gaskets by ŠKODA Automobiles. On the base of this results TEMAC has been qualified as the best supplier and awarded the prestige award for the quality in 1996, 1997, 1998.

Thanks to  the high quality and reasonable prices TEMAC AUTOMOTIVE  is achieving very good results both  in the field of sale to the  final producers and in the sale of spare parts to all  the customers.

The quality and satisfaction of  customers, realization  and fullfilment of needs of the market is the priority for every employee of TEMAC AUTOMOTIVE.

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